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I'm Theresa a fighter and a believer. According to my friends I am a lethal combination of positivity and mischievousness. Despite my sight loss I have obtained my masters in project leadership and design. Being an exceptional motivational speaker I have lifted the spirit of audiences with humor and encouragement. As a sports enthusiast I have achieved several accolades in the field of blind tennis, blind cricket and blind sailing. The highlight being carrying the Paralympic Torch
in London in 2012.


I have been a guide dog owner for over fifteen years and am  a living example of the miraculous changes these four-legged miracles can make in the lives of the blind. I love to travel and am an avid, not so fast, runner. I try to see the funny side of being visually impaired and often embark on adventures most would belief out of reach for some one in my position. My biggest challenge however did not come in the form of blindness but mental health problems
that nearly cost me my life.


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When ‘scars turn into stars’ and your challenges becomes your wings, the world is yours. You too can be the pilot of your life. Theresa’s journey is full of turbulence and obstacles but she not only rise above these challenges, she sours. The Blind Pilot will inspire readers to take charge of their own lives, ultimately giving their dreams wings. The humor will have you bursting with laughter. The raw realities will touch your heart.


Theresa was born a premature baby and as a result has only three present sight. Her friends would however add ‘Yes, three percent sight but 97 percent attitude. The Blind Pilot navigates readers through turbulent times of desperation and heartache giving the reader a inside view of the danger that is depression which results in extreme self harm and attempted suicides. In sharp contrast the reader will also soar with Theresa as she reaches new heights academically and in sport. Each dream is challenged and threatened by adversity, discrimination, social exclusion or depression. Experience how Theresa turns every challenge is into a stepping-stone and every dream into reality. Armed with determination, bucket loads of tenacity and a wicket sense of humor, Theresa prepares for battle on a daily basis.

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Theresa Robberts is an inspirational humourist, author and speaker. Based in Chester, England she is studying for her PhD in Corporate Social Responsibility. She has only 3% sight but has a hunger for adventure and except the challenges of daily life with loads of determination, tenacity and a wicked sense of humour. ‘Yes 3% sight but 97% attitude’ is how her friends describe her. Blind Broken but Brilliant will reveal how Theresa faces up, not just to the darkness around her, but the deep deadly darkness of depression inside her heart.

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